Results for Thame Urban Race, 09/09/2018

Results for Thame Urban Race, 09/09/2018

9:00pm Sunday Updated results uploaded

Overall Results in PDF format.

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Class Results
M Open
W Open

Course splits
Course 1 MO
Course 2 MV WO
Course 3 MSV WV
Course 4 MUV WSV
Course 5 WUV WHV MHV
Course 6 MJ WJ
Course 7 WYJ MYJ

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Many thanks for coming to our Urban Race at Thame today. We hope you enjoyed your run.

We apologise for the temporary "movement" of one control (143) during the event. We moved it back to its right position as soon as we were notified of its movement. However, we know that a number of you were impacted by this.

After discussion involving the Organiser, Planner and Controller, it was agreed to leave the results unchanged despite this. We hope this is acceptable to all.

As many of you know, all our events are organised by a large team of volunteers. It has taken an enormous amount of effort to organise. Our grateful thanks to all our helpers and volunteers. You all know who you are.

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We look forward to seeing you at our next events. These are:

* Saturday Series: 20th October at Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury
* Saturday Series: 24th November, at Wendover Woods, near Aylesbury
* Level C event: Sunday 2nd December, Shotover Woods near Oxford

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