Results for Saturday Series, Wendover Woods, 24/11/2018

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Many thanks for coming to today's event. We hope you enjoyed it.

As you will be aware, all our events are organised by volunteers. On behalf of today's participants, I would like to thank Roger Cliffe who organised and planned the event. It was Roger's first time as a planner and, not surprisingly, he found it quite stressful. Your first time at anything is usually quite a challenge, and for Roger it wasn't helped that the event clashed with heavy pressures at work. But I am sure your appreciative comments at download made him feel his efforts were worthwhile. Do add any further comments to our Facebook page so Roger can see those too.

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TVOC's next events, all ideal for newcomers, are:
- Sunday 2nd December - Shotover Country Park near Oxford
- Saturday 5th January - Kings Wood, on the outskirts of High Wycombe
Full details on our website.

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