TVOC CompassSport Cup Round


Sunday 19 February 2012

Posted by for Emit UK

Many thanks to Terry Smith for providing his CompassSport Cup Calculator program to produce the scores.

Congratulations to HH who go through in the Cup competition and Sarum and SMOC who go through in the Trophy competition.

Road Crossing: The time taken to cross the road has been removed from your overall time. However, to make Splitsbrowser and Routegadget work correctly, control 134 has been reinserted with a nominal time for all of 1 second. This does not affect your overall time, it just shortens the split to the next control by 1 second.

CS Cup Club Summary

Results Lists - All Finishers with scores (PDF)

Club Scorers (PDF)

Splits Times

1 Brown
2 Blue - Women
3 Blue - Men
4 Green - Women
5 Green - Men
6 Green - Veterans
7A Light Green Men
7B Light Green Women
8A Orange Men
8B Orange Women
9 Yellow
10 White


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Splitsbrowser source csv file
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Results by Emit UK

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